Fingers and Toes - Why your finger tatties will never stay the same.

Peter Sikiric

Posted on August 03 2019

They are the 'cute af' tattoos that come up on your pinterest and Instagram feeds constantly, generally accompanied by the hash tag #girlswithtattoos

Although they look lovely fresh, the truth of the matter is, that little 'shhh' on the inside of your finger, might not stay so lovely after it's healed. 

The reason being, the skin on your fingers takes tattoo ink differently to the rest of the body. The skin on our fingers, wrists, toes and feet might be tough, but it is thin and not backed by as much fat as other parts of the body, like our thighs or forearms. 
  NOT OUR TATTOO - SOURCE GOOGLE(NOT OUR TATTOO *Sourced from Google as a really good example of really bad fall out*)

There is also way more movement in these jointed spots, which means the skin is exposed to more, and over time, the ink can just work its way out of your skin. 

Touch ups are more than encouraged,  to keep your tatties in their best condition.

Most reputable tattooists will offer your first touch up after your initial appointment as complimentary within a specified time frame. (Well we do anyway)

(NOT OUR TATTOO *Sourced from Google as another prime example, but not as bad as above)
Aftercare is the most important thing for small tattoos in these hard wearing areas, because often they are the areas that get neglected the most. The thought 'Ah, it's small it will be fine' is what will see you get into trouble with the healing process in these areas.

You gotta, gotta, gotta take care of that tiny tatty. 

For your next sweet knuckle duster, feel free to drop us an inquiry via our socials or give our friendly staff a call on 03 9326 1267. 

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