"Hey Man, Hit This"

Peter Sikiric

Posted on March 01 2015

"Hey Man, Hit This"

Exhibition featuring the art of Trog: June 27 thru July 4 2015
The "Hey Man Hit This" show was our first inhouse exhibition showcasing the talent of Renegade Art Society apprentice tattooist, Trog.

On display was an extensive selection of work from Trog's personal collection of art and commissioned music and cannabis event posters for bands such as (hed)P.E., The Bennies, The Offspring and The Kottonmouth Kings.

The night featured a canvas battle where Trog faced off against Yas Vo in a one hour time limited challenge where they were given three random topics to include in their piece. The night ended with a fantastic show performed by The World's Most Tattooed Person - Mr Lucky Diamond Rich.

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