”The Poster Toaster”

An art collaboration and exhibition of works by Matt Parry of Deathless or Die clothing and Trevor "Trog" Rogan: Saturday 22nd October 2016 from 4pm
The “Poster Toaster” event night will feature the personal collection of work featured in underground comics, zines, band art and tour posters, skate, thrasher and GNARRR!!. The night will also coincide with the Australian launch of the new clothing range from the Deathless or Die co.

The nights main event will feature a live canvas art battle between Smelly clothing creator and stoner art mastermind, Trog, and the brains behind Deathless or Die Clothing, Matt Parry. The two artists will have 1 hour to produce a black & white rock poster for a soon to be announced Aussie band… the secret band will then specify a few things to add within the art pieces, and once the the two artists get their minds right, they will then go head to head and come up with some thrashed up stoner artwork, with the crowd deciding the winner.

Also on show on the night will be a huge collection of custom Low Rider bicycles, that will be judged on the night by our two feature artists and the crowd to determine best bike on show; with the winner and runner up taking home over $750 worth of prizes, including tattoo vouchers and art works from Deathless and Trog.

This event will also be the launch of the new clothing ranges from Deathless or Die and Smelly clothing, with both lines being on sale at the event, as well as original art prints from both artists. We will have the beers and hotdogs stocked, so come on down and enjoy a night of art madness & punk rock.

Event begins at 7:30pm @ Renegade Art Society, 37 Hall St, Moonee Ponds, Vic.


"Hey Man, Hit This"

Exhibition featuring the art of Trog: June 27 thru July 4 2015
The "Hey Man Hit This" show was our first inhouse exhibition showcasing the talent of Renegade Art Society apprentice tattooist, Trog.

On display was an extensive selection of work from Trog's personal collection of art and commissioned music and cannabis event posters for bands such as (hed)P.E., The Bennies, The Offspring and The Kottonmouth Kings.

The night featured a canvas battle where Trog faced off against Yas Vo in a one hour time limited challenge where they were given three random topics to include in their piece. The night ended with a fantastic show performed by The World's Most Tattooed Person - Mr Lucky Diamond Rich.

More Events Announced Soon - Watch This Space!

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